WhatsApp & Facebook DOWN! Are we overdependent on Technology?

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been offline for over three hours now, today. These sites account for billions of users who depend on it for their day-to-day communication. Since these sites are the new convergence points for people, businesses find themselves depending on it for a lot of their transactions.

Immediately: Surprise and Loss of Work Hours

It is obvious the time these three leading sites have been offline would constitute something like a lost period of work. Many organizations would have to spend some time doing other things and trying to communicate with different methods and mechanisms.

There is also going to be some surprise expressed over the fact that the platforms that are known to work around the clock are offline.

Medium Term: Unreliability and The Need for Backups

The vital lesson is that over-dependence on one or two or a few technological platforms is problematic. Hence, most organizations would spend some time thinking of alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook. After all, they could go offline some day and leave businesses wanting.

Businesses would therefore need to consider other forms of communications as far from being extinct - the good old telephone, email, text messaging and others remain relevant and should not be overlooked so quickly.

Strategic Implications: Diversification of Communication Channels

Digital communications are here to stay. Big Tech companies will remain a part of our lives. However, it would just be unwise to keep all of a company's eggs in one basket. Therefore, the classical wait-and-see method would be used any time such an event occurs in the future.

However, diversification of communication channels and the use of innovative and alternative vital communication channels to engage audiences and communication has been proven to be important. They should not be discarded any time soon.

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